Discover Shunde – Le Liu District

Leliu, covering total area of 90.78 km2 with a permanent resident population of 316,800, is located at the center of Shunde District as the renowned riverside towns in south of the Five Ridges. In recent years, Leliu has won honorary titles such as “Famous Town of International Standardization”, “National Town of Sanitation”, “Renowned Town of Chinese Cuisine”, “Town of Household Hardware of China”, “Town of Folk Art of Guangdong Province”, etc. In 2017, GDP of Leliu reached CNY 29.423 billion, and total value of out-put of industrial enterprises above designated size reached CNY 71.929 billion.

Leliu is an important manufacturing base of Shunde, in possession of four mainstay industries including transportation machinery, home appliances, household hardware, and lighting electrotechnics. Nationwide well-known enterprises like Donlim, Fuwa, DTC, Foton, and Bear sprung up here. Within Leliu, currently there are some industrial platforms such as Association of Household Hardware of Shunde, Association of Lighting Electrotechnics of Shunde, Hardware Innovation Center of Leliu, and Application Engineering Center of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology of Leliu. Its hardware production base won “Professional Demonstration Base of Transformation and Upgrading of Foreign Trade of Guangdong Province” for the first time in the whole district. Leliu also has three bases of national level which are “Sliding Rail Industrial Base of China”, “Hinge Industrial Base of China”, and “Commercial Lighting Industrial Base of China”. At the end of 2017, Leliu owns 4 famous brands of China, 22 famous brands of Guangdong Province, and 25 renowned products of Guangdong Province; there are 6 listed enterprises and 20 enterprises to be listed in Leliu with sound construction of listing echelon. Next, Leliu will focus on creating an environmental protection industrial park to fill the gap for the high-end equipment manufacturing industry of shunde.