Discover Shunde – Da Liang District

Daliang, with a total area of 80.29km2 , has a permanent population of 405,100. In 2017, it realized a gross local total output value of CNY 50.267 billion, the large-scale industrial enterprises achieved an output value of CNY 39 billion.

Daliang has such places of interest as Qinghui Garden, Baolin Temple, Xishan Temple, etc. as well as intangible cultural heritage projects like Canton embroidery, Cantonese songs, fish-lantern dance, salty-water songs, being the “Chinese Quyi Art Town” and “Traditional Folk Arts Town in Guangdong”; as one of the places where Cantonese cuisine in Lingnan originated, it has long enjoyed a reputation of “Best Food in Guangzhou, Best Chefs in Shunde” and been known as a famous cooking town and the first domestic “National Famous Catering Town”. In recent years, Daliang’s culture undertaking has been booming, resulting in lots of famous culture brands including “Sino-French Cultural Exchange Spring–Summer Solstice Music Festival”.

Daliang has completed a modernized industrial system supported by the mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing and automobile accessory industries, dominated by the high and new technology industry and featured by complete industrial categories including intelligent home appliances, electronic information, plastic products, daily consumables, household items, fine chemicals, etc., and created lots of famous brands like Guangdong Macro Gas Appliance Co., Ltd., Nature Floors Inc., Sunten Electric Co. Ltd., Chen De Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd., Shunde Winery, etc. Daliang has obvious urban economy characteristics, and the tertiary industry dominated by modern commerce and trade, financial service, post and communication, real estate, materials wholesale and tourism catering has accounted for more than 70% of the local total output value for consecutive years; As of January 2018, 18 enterprises in Daliang have been listed (on the stock market, including new three board).