Discover Shunde – Lun Jiao District

Lunjiao, located in the hinterland of Pearl River Delta, one-rive distant from Fanyu Guangzhou, is an important part of central town of Shunde. With total area of 59.2 km2 and total population of approximately 200,000, Lunjiao governs 8 villages and 2 communities. In recent years, Lunjiao was honored successively as “Characteristic Industrial Base of Jewel and Jade of China”, “Key Town of Wood-working Machine of China”, “Important Town of Glass Machinery of China”, “National Ecological Town”, “Powerful Town of Education of Guangdong Province” and “National Safety Community” etc.

In 2017, Lunjiao realized total industrial output above designated size of approximately CNY 63.11 billion, increasing by 9.7%; turnover of wholesale, retail and catering industry above norm: CNY 8.373 billion, increasing by 26.38%; total investment in fixed assets: CNY 7.1 billion, increasing by 24.9%; total revenue: CNY 2.527 billion, increasing by 26.9%. An industrial cluster with jewelry, machinery, and cultural tourism as its mainstay has been formed. Of which, jewelry industry, after home appliances and machinery, has become another pillar industry of Shunde, including established enterprises such as Chou Tai Fook and Chow Sang Sang and at the same time introducing Perfect Jewellery Group, listed company of Hong Kong. In terms of machinery equipment industry, by taking the opportunity of the province creating machinery industrial belt along west bank of the Pearl River, Lunjiao has successfully brought in national-level machinery equipment manufacturing project——heavy equipment base project of China Railway Tunnel Construction. Tourism and cultural industry yields fruitful results. Changlu Farm has become the first national 5A tourist attraction of Shunde, and protection base of gambiered Canton gauze has taken initial shape. Momentum of emerging industries is gratifying: high-quality industries of high-end machinery equipment, jewelry, household hardware, and sports goods have been settled.

Shunde Lunjiao