Discover Shunde – Jun An District

Jun’an Town, covering a total area of 79.45km2 with a registered population of nearly 90,000, is located in the southwest of Shunde as the “Golden Triangle” of Foshan, Zhongshan and Jiangmen. In 2017, there were a total of 2,900 industrial enterprises, 128 enterprises with an output value exceeding CNY 20 million around the town. It achieved a total industrial output value of CNY 36.88 billion, an increase of 6.15%.

Jun’an has a beautiful ecologic environment with rivers and mountains, has been honored as the “Backyard Garden of Shunde”, and ranks in the forefront in Shunde in terms of air and water quality, being a provincial tourist resort. Meanwhile, Jun’an has deep cultural deposits, and, as the hometown of Bruce Lee, an international martial arts star, has established Bruce Lee Paradise; also as the hometown of lots of famous Cantonese song singers, it has been honored as the “Chinese Quyi Town” and “Chinese Traditional Folk Arts Town”. 

Throughout years of efforts, Jun’an has formed an industrial layout led by the textile and apparel and supported by the fast-developing electrical machine and appliance manufacturing, textile industry, rubber and plastic products, chemical raw materials, chemical manufacturing, etc. As the “Chinese Famous Cowboy Wear Town”, Jun’an has a total of more than 1,400 textile and apparel manufacturing enterprises, and the annual output and export rate of cowboy wear are more than 0.1 billion and more than 80%, respectively. Besides, there are about 500 enterprises in the lighting industry, which is the second largest number compared with other industries in the town. In 2017, the sales amount of the lighting industry was about CNY 1 billion, an increase of 64.21%. So, the lighting industry has been growing at the highest speed compared with other industries in the town.