Discover Shunde – Xing Tan District

Xingtan Town, covering a total area of 122 km2 with registered population of more than 130,000, is located in the southwest of Shunde. Xingtan, as a renowned riverside town in south of the Fiver Ridges, it owns Fengjian waterside town which is named as “the Most Beautiful Town of China”, “Model Village of Rural Tourism of China” and “National AAA Scenic Area”. Annual tourists achieve more than 1 million. The town also has national intangible cultural heritage such as talking and singing on dragon boat, dragon dance of Guanghua people, Wing Chun, and eight-tone gong and drum. 

In 2017, Xingtan Town realized total local output value of CNY 22.539 billion.Shunde Hi-Tech Zone consists of Foshan Shunde Park of National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Shunde Scientific and Technological Industrial Park (Wusha A Area, Ronggui B Area, and Xingtan C Area), and the west promoter area of Shunde Hi-Tech Zone. It is a provincial hi-tech industrial development zone, which adopts the development mode of “one zone with a number of parks” and actively constructs the functional layout of “one core, one axis, three clusters”. Total planning area: 95.26 km2. Since 2016, the work of declaring national hi-tech zone has been initiated. And for the time being, the collection and arrangement of declaration materials have been accomplished and submitted for the second time. The west promoter area is located in Xingtan with total planning area of 18.86 km2. It is positioned as the “core area of intelligent manufacturing industry” of our district. At present, 27 projects have been introduced, whose industrial scope involves intelligent home appliances, machinery equipment, auto parts, new materials, medical equipment, and industrial gas production, etc. Land used for the project adds up to 1,961.4mu, with total investment amount achieving CNY 10 billion. Output value after reaching target output will amount to CNY 21.62 billion, and revenue after reaching target output will amount to CNY 1.46 billion.

Dragon Boat Culture Festival