Lynn Canyon Park Half day trip (Youth Club)北温林恩峽谷公园半天遊(青年部)

Hiking Details半天游详情:

(Age of registration 18 ~ 35yr 报名年龄 18 ~ 35 岁)

1.   Meeting new friends

2.   View the suspend bridge and take photos

3.   Teaching camera shooting skills

4.   Group outdoor games

5.   Lunch at Rice Lake


(A)  Gathering place: Lynn Canyon Park and meet at the main gate of the snack bar. (by own means of transportation)

(B)   Please bring your own lunch, water, snacks & camera.

(C)   If you need a car ride, please specify during registration.

(D)  If the trip is affected by rain, we will cancel the trip one day in advance.

May 15, 2022  Sunday 9:30 Am

Place: 3663 Park Road, North Vancouver