Mobile Phone Photography 手机摄影兴趣班


上课时间:星期六/星期日Sat / Sun 1:00pm-3:00pm(共三堂)
教授语言Lecture Langrage: 广东话 / Cantonese
课堂地点Class location: #2100-8888 ODLIN CR, RICHMOND
户外拍摄地点Outdoor landscape photography practice: Vancouver
Class Details课程内容

10月22日 –手机拍摄的优点及限制 /对焦及曝光Advantages and limitations of mobile phone shooting/focusing and exposure

10月30日 – 户外风景摄影实习 (拍摄红叶) 学员参加小型摄影比赛 Outdoor landscape photography practice (Shooting Maple Leaves) Students participate in a small photography competition

11月5日 – 活用手机相片风格和滤镜, 使用技巧, 重温学员外影照片及颁奖 Use mobile phone photo style and filter flexibly, and use skills, review students’ Outdoor landscape photos and awards

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60岁或以上会员 $10元 / 普通会员 $15元 (三堂学费)


60岁或以上非会员 $15 / 非会员 $20元 (三堂学费)


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